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Smart app to monitor and calculate your cryptos
bitcoin converter
This app displays the real time price of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and over 1000 others. Simple search options and filters let you easily find the currency you want and add as favorite.
realtime Real Time Prices

Displays real time prices of all crypto currencies.

watchlist Add & Modify Watch List

Have all your favorites clearly at a glance on the main screen

crypto list All Cryptocurrencies Listed

All important cryptos like Bitcoin XBT, Ethereum ETH, Litecoin LTC, Ripple XRP and all others are available.

crypto-info Get Detail Information of Currency

Monitor exchange rates, trading volume, ask and bit, high and low prices and more

calculator Scenario Calculator

Enter various parameters such as target price, percentage change, value change, base price to be able to determine target prices or scenarios

history-data Alternative Calculators

Different calculators allow the simulation of different models

Have look some screenshots of application that will draw a vivid picture of app in you mind
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Bitcoin Converter 03
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Bitcoin Converter 05
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Bitcoin Converter

Crypto Converter is a smart app that allows you to monitor your cryptos, their real-time value and other useful information for investors like you!

Inside the app, you can create your own personal watchlists and take a glance at all your cryptos in just one click! Whether you’re interested in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum or any other coin, here are all the benefits and tools you’ll get by using Crypto Converter:

A Converter that calculates the proportion of a specific cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether…) you get for a certain amount of money (US Dollars, Yens, Euros…) and vice versa.

A Trade Calculator: you set a budget, your desired profit return and fees and it tells you specifically how many cryptos you should buy to match your preferences! It also tells you where to put your buy/sell limits.

A Percentage Calculator that calculates all variants of a percentage.

A Calculator that will do quick calculations for you without needing to go outside the app.

Currency market data: the app displays real-time market data of your selected cryptocurrency (e.g. buy & sell price, low/high price or volume of the last 24 hours…).

Real-time prices: it also displays the real-time price of any cryptocurrency.

Coin information: finally, the app provides additional information about the coin (what is the project about, what is the coin used for, its founders and history, where to buy…).

So download Crypto Converter and start trading smartly!

bitcoin converer
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